Ah Too Chew: The Centennial Parklands

06 - 28 March 2021

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The Centennial Parklands and MOGO ZOO

Mogo-Wildlife-Park and Zoo

During the devastating drought and fires in 2019/2020, I was confronted to see the ponds in The Centennial Parklands dried and parched. I had been walking and painting around Centennial Park very frequently for many years and this was the first time that I had witnessed such a sad sight and it moved me to want to do something.

Serendipitously, a documentary on Mogo Zoo was featured on Television. It showed the effects of the fires, the struggles and challenges the Zoo were facing and their vision to help rehabilitate the native wildlife, especially those animals affected by the fires in the area.

Hence the reason for this exhibition, 'The Centennial Parklands'.

Covid gave me extra time to complete these paintings and I made the decision to donate my income from the sales in this exhibition to the Mogo Zoo Foundation. The Foundation is constructing a new veterinary hospital to help rehabilitate native wildlife affected by the fires.”

Ah Too Chew, February 2021

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Willow Pond, Centennial, Sydney.


Jervois Avenue, Centennial Park, Sydney.


Carrington Drive, Centennial Park, Sydney.


Parkland Pavilion, Centennial Park, Sydney.


Busby Pond, Centennial Park, Sydney 2021


Dickens Drive, Parkes Drive, Centennial Park, Sydney.


Robinson Gates, Busby Pond, Centennial Park, Sydney.


Loch Avenue, Centennial Park, Sydney.


Moonlight Cinema, Centennial Park, Sydney.

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Equestrian Grounds, Centennial Park, Sydney.

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