Cal Agnew

Dysfunctional Infrastructure (Floorplan 14), 2019

Watercolour monotype/Paper. 20.5×57.5cm. Framed.
“The watercolour monotype series entitled ‘Dysfunctional Infrastructure (Floorpans)’ began as an exercise in abstraction. At the beginning of 2019, I was working on a series of installations for my BFA honours project. I re-appropriated the aesthetic of Sydney’s public transitory spaces (such as sidewalks, bus stops etc.) in order to offer up alternate “queered” spaces in the form of installations. These new spatialities were offered as a way to re-think the physical structures through which our bodies are controlled in public space. In order to inform the formal choices necessary to create these spaces, I made a series of imaginary floorpans in the form of watercolour monotypes. Using a very specific colour palette, each monotype was composed by adding and subtracting watercolour from an aluminium plate. Once resolved, an impression was taken from each plate resulting in the image being transferred onto paper. The significance of this process was that the mediation of the image via the printing matrix (aluminium plate) added another layer of abstraction to the work by removing a portion of my control from the final outcome.”
“Although these prints were intended to be used as tools to abstract the objects in my installation work, they ended up becoming significant works in their own right. My intention in exhibiting these two dimensional works is that they achieve the same goal I set out to do in the above described three dimensional works.” ~ Cal Agnew