Charlie Komsic

Cockatoo Island I, 2020

Mixed Media Drawing. 45x62cm (Note: includes Display Frame)
“Cockatoo Island I and Cockatoo Island II, emerged after I spent a week on site, observing the many layers and points of convergence in architectural and organic forms. Cockatoo Island I bars one’s entry to further explore the landscape behind the wire fence, yet textural elements and markings of an alternative perspective start to make their way in as the distinctions between foreground and the distance become blurred. Cockatoo Island II was developed from the former, and I took the opportunity to play with the corrugated structures I saw around me. I was drawn towards experience of navigating through the maze of buildings and spaces. The constructed the lines of perspective meet awkwardly as if the ground on which the viewer stands is unstable. Both works showcase a play with materials and a loose freedom that I experienced working on the island.” ~ Charlie Komsic 2021