Christine Druitt Preston

A flight of fancy (with a nod to Henri) , 2021. (Framed)


Mixed media on vintage textile

72x72cm. Framed (White)

‘My practice of reworking found vintage domestic textiles serves to acknowledge the original makers on whose shoulders I stand and to give their work a second life. This work combines two found pieces with fragments of lino block print, tulle and added embroidery in a fanciful willow pattern inspired landscape visited by Matisse bathers.’ ~ Christine Druitt Preston 2022.


Christine Druitt Preston’s prints are held in Australian and International Public Collections including:

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, NSW.
Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Centre Collection, NSW.
Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW.
The State University of New York, NY, USA.
Alfred University, NY, USA.

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Dimensions 6 × 72 × 72 cm
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