Christine Druitt Preston

Golden daze – Rosebank , 2021


Mixed media solar print collage on Arches.

41x70cm. Framed (White)

‘The subject of these artworks is the garden of friends in Rosebank on the far north coast of NSW, who unselfishly have allowed me to make it mine in a small concertina sketchbook. The drawing was begun in the summer of 2015 during my annual pilgrimage and over the next four years pages were completed, documenting the effect of the weather and seasons; planting and pruning. The artist book was completed in November 2019, days before being evacuated because of approaching fires. It is currently being exhibited as part of the 2020 Jacaranda Drawing Prize touring exhibition. The solar print ‘The garden calls – Emerson Road’ translates a of section of this book.

Drawing lies at the heart of my practice and this sketchbook has informed a series of lino block prints commenced in 2017. ‘Return to Rosebank’ and ‘Yellow Hansa light – Rosebank’ complete this series.

Golden daze – Rosebank’ recalls the heat of summer and eerie light of the approaching fires in November 2019 that threatened this precious environment.

‘Once in a blue moon’ combines print with water and tulle in a collage on a found vintage textile, reimagining the function of what is seen as domestic. . ~ Christine Druitt Preston, 2021.

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Dimensions 70 × 41 cm
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