Christine Druitt Preston

Lunch with Miss Olley – Arabesque, 1/5, 2019. (Framed)


Lino block print on Wenzhou paper. Editioned Brenda Tye. Edition of 5. Exhibited: Hazelhurst 20/20 exhibition, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, NSW

48.5×48.5 cm. Framed (White)

‘The series of lino block prints ‘Lunch with Miss Olley’ is an homage to Margaret Olleys’ much beloved collection of ceramics and Willow Pattern dinnerware. Conceptually these small prints draw on the practice of designers and manufacturers like Wedgewood, Spode and Limoges, by reconfiguring sketchbook drawing. In each a detail of a ‘scene’ or ‘still life’ from the sketchbook becomes each plate’s central motif, surrounded by a border that incorporates floral motifs drawn from within. In this print a small Degas bronze sculpture of a dancer performing an Arabesque is being watched from the doorway by a carved wooden Balinese dragon.’ ~ Christine Druitt Preston 2022.


Christine Druitt Preston’s prints are held in Australian and International Public Collections including:

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, NSW.
Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Centre Collection, NSW.
Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW.
The State University of New York, NY, USA.
Alfred University, NY, USA.

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Dimensions 6 × 49 × 49 cm
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