Christine Druitt Preston

Olley Land – Yellow room 2/5, 2019


Lino block print on Wenzhou paper. Edition of 5. Edition Printer: Brenda Tye.

Unframed Image size: 50x71cm. Framed Size: 75×94 cm.

This work is Framed (White).

Inspired by the drawings of the Margaret Olley home studio re-creation made during my residency in the Nancy Fairfax studio March 2018, this lino block print is part of a series made in response to the unedited multi-layered cluttered and visually fascinating rooms that were Margaret Olley’s home in Duxford Street Paddington. Her famous dining room small studio (known as the yellow room) and kitchen were repositories of innumerable objects – the ultimate still life.….

“with a house full of carefully arranged still lifes tidying up was problematic. So too was cooking in her kitchen here palette resides in a baking tray and paint brushes and turps have made a home among cooking utensils and washing up.” Joyce Morgan 2012.

Olley Land – Yellow room was exhibited as a finalist in 2020 Waverley Art Prize and is held in the Collection of the Tweed Regional Art Gallery NSW.

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Dimensions 94 × 75 cm
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