Christine Druitt Preston

The Chinese screen, 2/5 , 2021


Lino block print on Wenzhou paper (2 blocks). Editioned by artist

Image size approx: 79x56cm

This work was awarded the Highly Commended 2021 KAAF Art Prize’.

Informed by a drawing of the Tweed Regional Gallery’s, Margaret Olley home studio re-creation, ‘The Chinese screen’ 2021 is a two-block lino print that reinterprets a motif used by Olley in many of her paintings.

Here the screen, placed in the small yellow room that was her original studio in her Duxford Street, Paddington home, is underpinned by the ghosts of patterns borrowed from my living room studio, as though floating on a lace curtain.

This work acknowledges the lineage of women artists whose artworks respond to the domestic interiors that also served as their studios.

Framed size: 108x78cm (white)

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Dimensions 78 × 108 cm
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