Christine West

Minymaku Tjkurpa-Womens Law (WAPCS022-12)


Acrylic on Canvas. Image size: 66x65cm

“The Minyma or women, have gathered near Irruntju east of Warburton to conduct love ceremonies for finding of good husbands. The women and their ceremonies are in the central, circular shape. From here the power of their love magic reaches out, locating and drawing the men who are shown as the discs around the edge of the painting.”

Christine West is minyma Yarnangu, a senior Ngaanyatjarra speaking Aboriginal woman. Born in the country half way between Alice Springs and Kalgoorlie, she has spent most of her life based in Warburton Community. As well as being a long time traditional wood carver she is also gaining renown as a painter and works with the Tjanpi Desert Weavers. Christine is a respected senior law woman and community member whose skills have been passed on through the Tjukurpa

Dimensions 65 × 66 cm