Debra West

Kungkarrangkalpa – Seven Sisters Story (WAPCS025-13), 2013


Acrylic on Canvas.(Stretched).

Approximate Image size: 150x153cm.
Original Warburton Arts Project Collection Travelling Exhibition Frame.

The Kungkarrankalpa are arriving at Kulyurru in the Great Victorian Desert. Throughout their long journey the old magician Yula has been pursuing them and this part of the story, has fastened a magical silver snake in the sky above the sisters. Thinking its food, they follow and see where it falls to earth and it goes down a small mouse hole. The sisters dig the snake up and eat it but immediately become sick and collapse on the ground. This is the opportunity for the old magician to surge in from the sand hill country, creating a gorge at Kulyurru.


Debra West Paintings are held in Australian Public Collections including:

The Warburton Art Collection, Tjulyuru Regional Arts Gallery, Western Australia.

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Dimensions 4 × 153 × 150 cm
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