Elizabeth Holland

Wati Kutjarra – Two Men (WAPCS026-13), 2013


Acrylic on unstretched Canvas.

Approximate Image size: 88x143cm.

Wati Kutjarra are travelling across the country to the east of Warburton dancing ceremonies and creating the natural features of the landscape. At Tilitjarra the two men arrived and plunged their spears into the rock creating the water hole. As they rested they pulled the knots and tangles out of their beards and released these into the wind. As the knots blew across the landscape they created great forests of trees which can be seen to the south of the Talitjarra. This is the birthplace of the artist. The water holes are the small yellow linear shapes in the centre of the painting with the two men approaching as yellow discs in a corner. One side of the painting lists the sacred sites in Wati Kutjarra songline.


Elizabeth Holland’s Paintings are held in Australian Public Collections including:

The Warburton Art Collection, Tjulyuru Regional Arts Gallery, Western Australia.

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Dimensions 4 × 150 × 100 cm
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