Freda Teamay

Kapiku Walka (Water Painting), (X2000-19), 2019


Acrylic on canvas. (Stretched).
Not Framed.

Image size approx: 90x90cm.

Minyma tjuta’ (senior women), as in any culture, have significant roles to play in the care of family and the wider community. They are responsible for much knowledge about water: collecting it from the rockholes, soaks and creek beds, in traditional times transporting it back to camp in the bowls balanced skilfully on their heads. They visit the waterholes today as they have since Creation times, passing on the ‘Tjukurpa’ and recounting the history of their ancestors.
Instead of the more familiar series of ‘kapi tjukula tjuta’ or water holes represented by circles, Freda has painted water cascading after heavy rain”. Ref: Maruku Arts ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ provided with purchase of this work.

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Dimensions 4 × 90 × 90 cm
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