Freda Teamay

Nganngi Tjukurpa ~ Frog Story, (X1926-19), 2019


Acrylic on canvas. (Stretched).
Not Framed.

Image size approx: 91x91cm.

Freda Teamay’s painting is about ‘ngannngi ngamputjara’ – frogs and their eggs. Surprisingly there are many species of frogs in the Central Australia. After rain they emerge from underground hibernation to breed and lay their eggs before the waterholes dry up again. In some areas frogs are classed as food.
‘Nganngi Tjukurpa’ is not spoken of and rarely painted. Freda’s painting celebrates happy childhood memories: ‘Nganngi tjuta nguraritja Mutitjulula. Kapingku puyinyangka tjana pakalpai ka tjitji tjutangku mantjilpai. Ngayulu tjitji tjutangka ankupai munula pukularira inkapai.’
(Frogs live in the Mutiitjulu Waterhole. After rain they emerge and children go to find them. I remember great fun catching frogs with all the other kids.) ~ Freda Teamay 2019. Ref: Maruku Arts ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ provided with purchase of this work.

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Dimensions 4 × 91 × 91 cm
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