Freda Teamay

Waru Pulka: Big Bushfires Across the Lands, (X1999-19), 2019


Acrylic on canvas. (Stretched).
Not Framed.

Image size approx: 90x90cm.

Freda has painted a landscape marked by waru or fire.
Waru is an important aspect of Tjukurpa, and country is protected and nourished by burning done to an ancient formula. This burning, known as ‘Nyaruni’ (clearing by fire), creates fire breaks to prevent large wildfires and also replenishes the country with fresh food plants for both Anangu and the animals they hunt. Ref: Maruku Arts ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ provided with purchase of this work.

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Dimensions 4 × 90 × 90 cm
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