Isobel Markus-Dunworth

On The Frame (Series)
NFS (Exhibition only)

Film negative/Glass. Dimensions Variable.
“This ongoing series On the Frame investigates the idea that photography is something to look at, not just through. 
In these works the photographic still life, itself a physical sculpture, becomes the vehicle for playing with these ideas of the inherent objecthood of photography, with the photographic studio becoming the site for experimentation and play.
With my photographic practice I unpack the idea that photography can be more than just a tool for representation, I propose that photography is an inherently sculptural medium, informed and shaped by light. For this reason I work almost exclusively with traditional analogue processes which are all physical and material, made up of light on silver-based substrates. This series plays the photographic notion of the film frame, extending upon the physical framing device of the photographic negative to stretch and pull the photographic image into three dimensions. For this work in particular I have used a large format film camera and positive, or transparency photographic film, the original of which becomes the photographic sculpture, thereby circumventing photography’s assumed relationship to the reproducible image and positioning it as a uniquely sculptural medium, made up of the alchemical marriage of light and silver. ” ~ Isobel Markus-Dunworth 2021