Isobel Markus-Dunworth

Mutable Landscape, 2020

Silver Gelatin Photograph. (Unique State, Not Editioned) 120 x 96cm. Unframed.
Mutable Landscapes. (Series)
“These large scale silver gelatin works all depict slow evolving, eroding landscapes. This particular scene is from an inland river in Iceland. All of the sites are shot on a large format camera with silver gelatin sheet film. They are then hand printed in the darkroom on expired silver gelatin photographic paper.
In this series, the medium itself is mutable, in a slow state of evolution and erosion as it is all printed on expired photographic paper with out of date chemistry, the image is never truly fixed, it is, as the landscape is, in a slow, inevitable state of change. Both the image and the work are open to change, permanently mutable.
For these works I wanted to draw attention to the surface, or the landscape of the paper itself. All the marks of making and working (the tape to hold the negative down, the fringed edge of the negative) are not trimmed away but are left as artefacts of the making process, evidence of the hand of the artist rendering a mutable landscape in silver and salts.” ~ Isobel Markus-Dunworth, 2021