Kerry Johns

The White Tree. (2021)


Acrylic on Canvas (stretched)

Image size : 61x76cm

This graceful tree is one of many smooth barked gums standing in a line, marking the edge of a road in the countryside near Canberra. Eucalyptus Mannifera or ‘brittle gum’ grows abundantly in sapling forests around the outskirts of the city as well as being a favourite planting on city streets.
The limbs of this lovely tree seem to be poised in the performance of a dance, youthful, elegant and agile.

Painting it naturalistically through light, shadow and volume and placing it within a patterned flat world of bright sky and dark branches, I wanted to celebrate its sense of self-assurance and composure.

~ Kerry Johns, November 2021

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Dimensions 76 × 61 cm
Artist Name

Kerry Johns


Acrylic Painting

Image Photography

Kerry Johns

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