Kerry Johns

Tree, Being (2021)


Acrylic on Canvas (stretched)

Image size : 110x80cm

This ancient tree was thankfully left behind at the edge of the old Federal Highway near Canberra when the highway was realigned. From my first sight of the tree I was aware of its living presence, standing, just being.
I painted Tree, Being in the studio under the strong ‘subjective impression’ it had given me of a vital presence.
I wanted a way to paint the tree’s certainty and its humility too, by using colour straightforwardly as itself its own right, not as a way to portray or illustrate or describe the tree’s surface appearance.

Through colour and touch I wanted to acknowledge this remarkable tree’s actuality. ‘Subjective impression’ : a sense of seeing a subject transformed into a whole with an integral meaning

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Dimensions 80 × 110 cm
Artist Name

Kerry Johns


Acrylic Painting

Image Photography

Kerry Johns

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