Kosta Giitsidis

Sir Ian McKellen, 2020
NFS (Exhibition only)

Charcoal Drawing from Photograph
“The task of the portrait was given out as future schoolwork in the case of an extended lockdown. The lockdown was shorter than planned, so during April 2020, I decided to make use of my spare time at home to complete the portrait for my own practice, being my first work in which I had used charcoal as a median, I spent two weeks drawing for up to five hours a day engulfed in the portrait, which when complete, came out better than I had expected, I learnt along the way and picked up important techniques throughout the process which bettered me as an artist. I chose Ian McKellen as the subject of this drawing as I wanted to harness all my skills by picking a somewhat challenging face, from there I aimed to try and express his manifest blemishes and unique features to show emotion and expression in the subject’s face.” ~ Kosta Giitsidis, 2021