Lalla West

Kungkarrangkalpa – Seven Sisters (WAPCS0009-12), 2012


Acrylic on Canvas. (Stretched).

Image size approx.: 97x95cm.
Original Warburton Arts Project Collection Travelling Exhibition Frame.

There are three sacred song lines for the Seven Sisters near Warburton, two to the north of the Community and one to the south. This painting is of the country near Kulyurru in the south. The line of circles shows the sites, each verse in the song line being linked to each specific site.
Also shown are the designs painted on the breasts of the women dancing at Seven Sisters ceremonies in the Western desert. There is an open side to the stories on the Seven Sisters songline and a secret, sacred story that is known to the senior women alone, and which younger women learn by degrees as they grow older.


Lalla West’s Paintings are held in Major Australian Public Collections including:

The Warburton Art Collection, Tjulyuru Regional Arts Gallery, Western Australia.

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Dimensions 4 × 97 × 95 cm
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