Lisa Carrett

Frosted Banksia II (2021)

Glaze on Terracotta

Size Variable (approx):

As I sculpted the banksias familiar form, I was interested in capturing the way we see this flora as a symbol of resilience within the landscape. The banksia has developed to withstand and overcome bush fires, regenerating and shedding their seeds after this extreme trauma. The trauma held within the Australian landscape and simultaneously as individuals, is a theme I have been interested in exploring within my work.The tiny pods of the banksia become small, hollowed spaces, suggestive of something which could be both recognisable and foreign in the same moment. Their reflective quality, with shiny pockets of gold and opalene glaze, acts as a metaphor for this resilience, as well as reflection on our identity as Australians.

~ Lisa Carrett April 2021.

Dimensions 10 × 18 cm
Image Photography

Lisa Carrett