Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano

Cloud Runner, 2010 A/P


A/P (ed:8) Multi file Archival pigment print 100% Rag paper, 38x56cm.

Shadow mounted, Box Framed (Dark Brown) Frame size:51x63cm

The Collected Object (Series)

“As a collector with a minimalist aesthetic I have been constantly torn between a rock and a hard place. The need to declutter my environment has won over from thousands of objects that are imbued with thought, memory, association or simple desire. These memory pieces are now transitioning from collected object into collected print work. Interestingly in this format they prove more accessible to others own memory threads and as such develop synergistic meaning through accessibility.
In turn, I am able to let go of the object and accept memory for what it is – personal and without boundaries.” ~MTC 13th September 2010

About : Multi file, multi printer digital print on 100% Rag paper.

“I see the machine (the printer) as a tool that replaces the silk screen or the lithographic stone for the contemporary artist printmaker. Each layer is carefully constructed (cut, drawn) in the computer and printer-ed one file (colour) at a time, often on different printers (screens/stones). The editioning process can be just as fraught with technical issues, worn rollers, different uptake of paper, paper dryness, blocked nozzles, machine temperament etc.
The overall fun is the challenge of printing – and breaking all the rules of digital equipment use – and realising a print not dissimilar to a 20th century screen print or a 19th century lithograph using 21st century resources.” ~ Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano

Dimensions 76 × 60 cm
Artist Name



Printmaking, Works on paper

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