Kerry Johns

Rain Hills, 2013


Acrylic on Canvas. 90x110cm.
“The experience of driving through the Monaro, a vast plain of rounded hills running north south between high dark ranges, is always thrilling. Its large skies, its nakedness (was it always treeless?) its colour, its dryness and the long straight road make it a numinous place for me.
There is also a historical connection, as Bredbo is where an early ancestor of mine was born. I imagine her life in the 1830s when the place was first settled by Europeans, and the harshness of it, the cold and the difficulties of daily life.
The hills seem to need softness, the bare ground needs rain. So I imagined it under gently falling rain and called the painting Rain Hills.”
Kerry Johns, 2019

Dimensions 110 × 90 cm
Artist Name

Kerry Johns



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