Madeline Jackson

Minyma Kutjarra – Two Women (WAPCS029-12), 2012


Acrylic on Canvas.(Stretched).

Approximate Image size: 142x144cm.
Original Warburton Arts Project Collection Travelling Exhibition Frame.

The Minyma Kutjarra are travelling north in the country near Tjukurla. conducting ceremonies and scattering head rings they make for people to use. The elliptical forms with a circle at the centre of one section shows the women in ceremony. Larger concentric circles show sacred sites on their songline, while the headrings are the smaller coloured discs scattered across the landscape. The linear panel of the other section of the painting shows the many lines of sandhills the women crossed as they journeyed.


Madeline Jackson’s Paintings are held in Australian Public Collections including:

The Warburton Art Collection, Tjulyuru Regional Arts Gallery, Western Australia.
The University of Sydney, Australia

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Dimensions 4 × 144 × 142 cm
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