Monika Cvitanovic Zaper

Mapping of Nostalgia, 2020

Acrylic, thread, hand stitching on recycled vintage pillowcase. 75.5 x 50 cm. Unframed.
“This work addresses my relationship with my late paternal grandmother; capturing a sense of her work of incessant mending of textiles as well as the memory of her home. Starting as a quick painting of a green glass jug on a recycled pillowcase, the work continued evolving through successive layers of paint and cross stitches, building a sense of a personal archaeology. After several layers of paint, intersecting stitches and organic formations of thread, the piece starts resembling a geographic map which allows for communicating the migrant experience shared with my grandmother. I am cultivated a strong interest in materiality and flexibility of my female ancestors’ craft practices, by making work that dialogues with these influences and cultural context.” ~ Monika Cvitanovic Zaper, 2021