Phoebe Price

Brenda (35ED), 2020

Oil on canvas, 120x91cm
“ ‘Brenda (35ED)’ is one work showcased from my wider series of abstract paintings that explore the internal and external struggles of constant hormonal changes of the female body, that take a drastic effect on young women and their psyche. The work is my representation of the physical and mental pain and confusion experienced daily with the reworking and altering of my hormonal balances in relation to menstruation, birth control, and pregnancy scares. The work is named after one of the many birth control pills I have taken, and how it has impacted my mental health and body, by creating a chaotic but familiar environment filled with abstracted forms, reminiscent of those traumas I intensely feel. With these experiences in mind, I bring attention to the medical field surrounding women’s health issues, and public spaces that these issues are not typically addressed in and I, like many women, have had to endure. “ ~ Phoebe Price 2021.