Renee Henzell

Come closer now backoff, 2019

Silkscreen, Acrylic paint on Acid Free 200GSM Papers. Box Framed (White). Framed size: 110x80cm
Finalist: 2019 Blacktown Art Prize Exhibition.
“The initial concept began with walk traffic signals and the sound waves the red and green colours transmit… in most urban landscapes the generic male symbol has been used..(in ‘Come closer now backoff’, I have)reversed the gender to female and aligned the universal meaning into a statement on the beginnings of intimate relationships between two people and their often-apparent malfunctions in communication. ‘Come Closer Now Back Off’ represents the green walk signal which translates to proceed.
However, in intimate relationships you can never be certain to read the signal as it appears.” ~ Renee Henzel 2020