Tanya Hong

Selfcare 2020 (Sad Skellys – Series)

In-computer drawing, archival pigment print on canvas/paper. 30x30cm. Framed.
“‘Self Care’ portrays a skeleton following a modern ‘remedy’ of self care by taking a bubbly bath, yet she still worries and frets about her life. Social media plays a huge part in the way we want to be seen by our peers in contrast to how anxious we truly feel in that moment of time. In doing this, we can often feel stifled and more anxious by following a formula for mental health that unfortunately does not work for everyone.” ~ Tanya Hong, 2021.
“From the Series: “Sad Skellys”.
This is a series of artworks that all contain a seemingly sad skeleton doing either every-day things whilst having an existential crisis. This series follows my personal journey through how I often feel and have felt throughout the years due to my ongoing battle with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and how I choose to use humour as a representation of these emotions.
I chose to symbolise the ‘self’ or human-form in the form of a skeleton where there can be more of a focus on the artwork itself, rather than the skin-colour, appearance or race of the subject. Hence, I welcome anyone who has felt similarly whether they suffer from GAD or not- to freely relate to the subject in these artworks and understand that they are not alone. These colourful artworks were inspired by illustrators such as Mulga and Kentaro Yoshida. “~ Tanya Hong, 2021