Tanya Hong

Help me, 2020 (Sad Skellys – Series)

In-computer drawing, archival pigment print on canvas/paper. 30x30cm Framed
“‘Help!’ is a self explanatory whirlwind of emotion of Sad Skelly drowning in a sea of expectations and rough waters. This artwork is a portrayal of the deep set panic that often arises during an anxiety attack where my emotions often feel suffocated and I struggle to differentiate potential help from judgemental eyes. ” ~ Tanya Hong, 2021
From the Series: “Sad Skellys”.
This is a series of artworks that all contain a seemingly sad skeleton doing either every-day things whilst having an existential crisis. This series follows my personal journey through how I often feel and have felt throughout the years due to my ongoing battle with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and how I choose to use humour as a representation of these emotions.
I chose to symbolise the ‘self’ or human-form in the form of a skeleton where there can be more of a focus on the artwork itself, rather than the skin-colour, appearance or race of the subject. Hence, I welcome anyone who has felt similarly whether they suffer from GAD or not- to freely relate to the subject in these artworks and understand that they are not alone. These colourful artworks were inspired by illustrators such as Mulga and Kentaro Yoshida. “~ Tanya Hong, 2021