Victor Okolakpa

The Lost Kingdom, 2020

Textile/feather/Mixed Media on Canvas. 105x81cm
“This painting expresses the great “Queen Idia” of Benin Kingdom during the 15th century who was a dynamic warrior and ruler of Benin Empire during her son’s reign. It was one of my most inspired works based on the history and the amazing artifact of “The queen Idia mask sculpture” made in Ivory. My goal regarding this art work was to create a sense of life into this painting. In the day light it expresses colors and in a low light or warm dim light it comes alive with the two faces behind the front central face “Queen Idia”.
Some of the stolen Benin artifacts still remain in the museum in London and some are located Germany and other parts of the world. I called it “Lost Kingdom” because it was conquered and looted of her Artifacts.
I chose to use the medium fabric to express my Art works in late 2018, before I moved to Australia. While living in my country Nigeria, I was very inspired of the bold intricate patterns and hue colors of fabrics. I had a passion of making beautiful Art works with the expression of my work practice. Then, I began gathering bunch of up cycle fabrics from the different Nigerian Tailors. And in late 2018, I made my first Art piece ‘’Mama Africa pot” that is where my journey began as a contemporary Artist. ~ Victor Okolakpa, 2021