Sheila White ~ New Paintings
04 - 19 February 2012


Sheila White´s strong vibrant works are the result of over 50 years dedicated to painting the Australian landscape, sitting out under the sun or sketching swiftly from the car, often sweltering in extreme temperatures to capture the light and colour of the land at the moment of observation.

Sheila often returned to the same place to find a very different colour scheme to that of the previous visit be it a day or a month later. Australia’s constant and subtly changing light makes each visit unique... comments Sheila White (2012).

In contrast, Sheila´s abstracted still life paintings from her studio in Holgate north of Sydney, offer a rest from her travels and positively light up the space around them with her mastery of colour and texture.

Sheila White's vibrant and sensitive work has been selected in multiple award exhibitions including the Wynne Prize, the Portia Geach Award and the touring Blake Prize Exhibitions. She has been the recipient of over sixty art awards and commendations, including a first prize awarded by Lloyd Rees.Sheila was born in the U.K. and moved to East Africa in the early 50’s. Living in Uganda and then Kenya, she is an avid naturalist. The influence of the vibrant colourful coastal cultures, the form and elegance of current buildings set amongst ancient Arab settlements are often strong sources in her paintings.

Since relocating to Sydney in the 1960's, Sheila acknowledges John Ogburn, Alan Hansen, Frederic Bates, Ross Davis, the late Henry Justelius, and Desiderious Orban as early influences on her work. Sheila White is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of N.S.W.

It is the strong Australian light that now dominates with its intense colours in Sheila's abstractly rendered landscapes, still life, and figurative work.

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Public Collections: ANZ Bank Collection; Artbank; Camden City Council Collection; Castle Hill Council Collection; Kogarah City Council Collection; Nepean Agricultural Society Collection; Newcastle International House Collection; University of New South Wales; Windsor Council Collection.

Private Collections: Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe