Greg Hyde ~ It's a Whimsical Life
17 March - 01 April 2012

SMH Spectrum- page 12 Greg Hyde ~ It's a Whimsical Life. Artsite Gallery 17 March - 01 April 2012.

Greg Hyde´s work is whimsical; definitely tongue in cheek, somewhat Leunig in nature, but without all the angst.

More of a constant chuckle than out right laughter, Greg´s comments on life, the universe and thanks for all the fish moments are positively satisfying. Humour that constantly and repeatedly amuses is rare.
This talent is Gregs´.

A wry smile, a quiet giggle, the odd snort of laughter quickly stifled – this is the response to Hyde´s work.

An unassumingly satirical "take" on the Twenty First Century, each work can be explored in the context of multiple interpretations.

Greg´s work has a depth of intellectualism, and a well-read vision, that suggests more, much more, than what is quickly observed.

Each quirky suggestion finds sympathetic resonance, with both adults and the young.
"A visual twitter that grabs attention, suggests more than it reads, and virally permeates within the mind as the subtlety of reference and meanings are revealed."

Greg Hyde´s works can be appreciated over and over with the same joy.

All is not immediately as it would seem.