John Caldwell: New Paintings
03 - 18 November 2012


The primary focus of Caldwell's work is the natural Australian landscape where there is little or no evidence of human presence.

Caldwell is an explorer of the Australian Landscape with brush, paint and paper. Constantly revisiting the source, seeking to render the individual, and ultimate, essence of colour and light that is completely identifiable with the bush and outback of Australia.

Biography: Germaine, Max. Artists and Galleries of Australia, Volumes 1 & 2, Third Edition. Craftsman Press, Sydney, 1990. Page 101
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Public Collections: Art Gallery of New South Wales; Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery; S H Ervin Gallery (Douglas Stewart Memorial Purchase); Bathurst Regional Art Gallery; Brisbane City Hall Art Gallery and Museum; Newcastle Region Art Gallery; Gosford Regional Art Gallery; Moree Plains Regional Art Gallery; Ipswich Regional Art Gallery; Mosman Art Gallery; New England Regional Art Gallery; University of New South Wales; University of Technology, Sydney; Macquarie University; Wollongong University; Charles Sturt University; James Cook University, Townsville; University of Western Australia; Warringah Municipal Council; Artbank; The Antarctic Division, Hobart, Davis and Mawson; Kedumba Collection; Robert Holmes a Court Collection, Perth, WA.

Private Collections: Australia and Internationally.