Graham Marchant: Hot House Gardens ~ Interior Landscapes
09 March - 30 March 2013


The fecund atmosphere of hot housed flowers, strong colours that perfume the mind with remembered fragrance.

Graham Marchant is quietly obsessed with the delicacy of the cultivated garden, a world that constantly riots in ways that are both subtle and outrageously suggestive. Intimate details of his images conjure associations both shocking and ecstatic.

The need to control - or to perceive control - is a human urge that led to the kind of grand cultivated gardens that formed the subject matter of Marchant's earlier works. And it was this same urge that motivated his journeys of exploration to some of the most outstanding garden wonders in Europe and the world.

In this exhibition, Graham has turned his eye inwards, not within his own self, but within the secret places of the gardens themselves. He takes us on a journey, confronting us with intimate views of the hot housed secrets, both exotic and familiar.