In Camera: Not a Pixel in Sight
Head On Photo Festival 25 May - 09 June 2013

In Camera - Re-found Photographs, Artsite Gallery Sydney, Head On Photo Festival 2013 Featured Exhibition

Featured Exhibition - Head On Photo Festival 2013

The expression in camera, literally in the room, is used in the sense of "privately" or "secretly", as well as in the box and in the camera - in the sense of not post manipulated.

Photographs of and around Sydney by amateur as well as studio photographers of the first half of the 20th Century are featured: Re-found photographs lying dormant in old storage packets and boxes re-appreciated.

Rediscovered local Sydney Studio Photographers, including Nagel of 83 Enmore Road, Newtown; N. McEneally of Campsie, Invicta Studios of 508 Parramatta Road, Petersham.

Exceptional photographs out of the box under the bed - the private photographs; the holiday/occasion/everyday snaps that "work" by accident or intention. Photographs that offer insights into either the lives of the photographer or the lives of the observed. Photographs that can be explored not glanced over.

It's very, very hard to say what I look for in an image. I think it's when you see something particularly arresting or distinctive, ... It needs to be something that surprises you, or says something new, either about the subject or about photography itself.

Brett Rogers, Director, the Photographers' Gallery, London
(The Guardian, Friday 16 November 2012)

Visitors to the Gallery are invited to explore these photographs and contribute their identification/observations and sense of place found in these photographs, in the log of collective knowledge being developed to accompany this collection of re-found Sydney photographs.

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