John Caldwell: Recent Watercolours
31 May - 29 June 2014


John Caldwell´s vision is entirely of the landscape: its immense, and diverse grandeur, its natural forms, textures and colours, no human figure intrudes on the timelessness of the landscape.

This new work by John Caldwell continues his preoccupation and evident love of the natural Australian landscape. There is a great sense of silence and solitude in his watercolours, which hold atmospheric qualities derived from Caldwell’s alliance of both a plein-air and studio approach to art-making.

Caldwell landscapes are of untouched, natural beauty, tinged with our own self-awareness of strangeness of our own natural landscape.

When I think about my imagery from its beginnings, one of the important things has always been space. I was always used to a lot of space in Queensland, and the Riverina was very open country. Most of my landscapes are set at a distance with a high distant horizon line trying to give the illusion of immense spaces on a small two-dimensional surface.

Caldwell gathers reference material on his travels, through sketches and photography, drawing on these resources to create his unique interpretation of the landscapes of his travels. His work holds the sense of both record and memory simultaneously with a strong subjectivity based on place.

Recognised as one of Australia foremost watercolour painters, John Caldwell is represented in major Australian Public collections, including The Art Gallery of NSW Collection, and many Regional Gallery Collections.

Exhibition was opened on Sunday 1st June 2014, by Paul Brinkman, Director, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.