Rhett Brewer
07 February - 01 March 2015


Rhett Brewer´s recent work has moved towards plein-aire paintings of the natural environment, ...particularly the unique, and often unexpected forms of the Angophoras and Snow Gums that I’ve been directly painting on the spot, or sketching and recording on camera in my travels as references...
...like the twisted rusting hulks of long abandoned cars which populated my rural landscapes, these trees are often depicted as anthropomorphic; becoming characters that relate to each other... a seemingly staged setting... human actors or dancers caught in a moment of stillness....

The subjects of Rhett´s current paintings were found on walks around Sydney Harbour, The Monaro district and the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Rhett Brewer has been an exhibiting professional artist since 1981. With over 15 solo exhibitions and more than 30 major group exhibitions, Rhett has been exhibited twice in the AGNSW Sulman Prize and is recognised for his strength of detail and colour of the Australian bush and towns.

This is Rhett Brewer’s first Solo Exhibition at Artsite Gallery.