Finding Place
07 March - 29 March 2015


Four distinctly different local Sydney Artists, John Caldwell, Graham Austin, Anthony Buselli, Katherine Rooney explore their sense of place through personal experience of the Australian landscape - bush, desert, mountain, sea, on paper and canvas.

Finding Place exhibition with Graham Austin. Artsite Gallery 07 March - 29 March 2015

Long recognised as an Australian pointillist, Graham Austin has interpreted the Australian landscape from the air and from high points in the natural landscape looking across towards the horizon touching the sky. Graham Austin has spent his painting life searching to capture the spirit of the aerial landscape, utilising a cartographic expression of spotted abstraction.

Finding Place exhibition with Anthony Buselli. Artsite Gallery 07 March - 29 March 2015

The coast is an environment that is in a state of constant change. Marrying my artistic impulse to my families’ love of the sea I have found this dynamic environment endlessly fascinating.…
Nowhere else is there such extreme contrasts between the elements of sea, sky and land. I love the image of rocks tumbling into the sea, and the Romantic themes of collapse and time’s passing. Anthony Buselli 2015

Finding Place exhibition with John Caldwell. Artsite Gallery 07 March - 29 March 2015

John Caldwell gathers reference material from landscapes through sketches and photography, drawing on these resources to create finished studio work. This technique requires the use of the artists own experience and remembered impressions of a site. Caldwell´s artworks hold the sense of both record and memory simultaneously with a strong subjectivity based on place.

Finding Place exhibition with Katherine Rooney. Artsite Gallery 07 March - 29 March 2015

Katherine Rooney draws on childhood experience of family holidays, driving the roads between country towns, stopping to paint on the roadside recapturing transient moments of déjà vu

“Returning to the Poplars of the Federal Highway over the last 10 years, passing through on my travels to Canberra and beyond, I always go through a wave of emotion over what they meant to us as a family...nostalgia and memory, soup in Cooma & scones in Berrima, the ‘are we there yet’ point, the excitement of seeing snow...”