Paula Broom | Fay (Bell) Clark | Dylan Coombe | Kevin Leong | Mathew Wylie
Head On Photo Festival 02 -31 May 2015


Artsite Gallery presents the work of five Head On Associate Photographers, Paula Broom, Fay (Bell) Clark, Dylan Coombe, Kevin Leong, and Mathew Wylie, whose individual bodies of work were selected for exhibition by this years Photo Festival Selection Committee: Amanda James, Anthony Browell, Bronwyn Rennex, James Cottam, John Donegan, Louisa Kirby and Tim Hixson.

Exhibition opened on 17th May 2015 with Special Guests Anita Schwartz and Festival Director - Moshe Rosenzveig.

The Word On The Street: Paula Broom
This series is a collaboration with the Post Growth Institute, who provided me with the words juxtaposed with each photograph. The Post Growth Institute’s by-line is “creating global prosperity without economic growth”: their ultimate goal is for wellbeing, for a better world for everyone.

Moments In Mumbai: Fay (Bell) Clark
The images …were taken in the poorest parts of Mumbai and my intention was not to show the poverty these men and women live in, rather show them as they live their lives. As generous, hardworking, happy, sad, eccentric human beings who, despite being born into a certain life, just get on with it.

Stranded: Dylan Coombe
An exploration of ephemeral forces and enduring figures in nature. Chronological & geographical ambiguous compositions challenge a response to the inherent emotion of the photographic image.

Correlation: Kevin Leong
A man spilling his coffee while crossing a road. A woman getting startled by the loud bark of a dog. That moment observed, ... photography is a testament to the occurrence.

Sex, Death, and Butterflies: Mathew Wylie
Reflections on ...the balance of life, choice, direction, and others perception of our reality...