Graham Marchant: The Colour of Light
31 October - 2 November 2015


Graham Marchant´s paintings in this exhibition are based on the close, intimate study of collected objects, and the patterns found in natural forms observed in sunlight.

The Colour of light is subtle, strong, blinding and transparent. Filtered by the delicacy of the poppy petals, or reflected by the sheen of satin curtains, sunlight glows with an optimistic brightness echoing the joys of spring and summer blooms.

The interplay of light on meticulously detailed brightly translucent poppies, often found in the midst of precisely placed objects and fabrics collected on his travels, is recognisably Marchant´s own.

Graham Marchant has had over twenty five solo exhibitions, and been the recipient of several fellowships, awards and artist residencies, enabling him to work in Paris, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, New York and Vermont as well as undertaking residencies in Australia.

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT; La Trobe University, Vic, Australia; Nepean Hospital, NSW, Australia; Cheltenham Art Gallery UK; Art Bank, Australia; New Parliament House, Canberra, Australia; Australian Maritime Museum, Sydney, Australia; University of Central England, Birmingham, UK; Hills Grammar School, Sydney, NSW. Australia.

This is Graham Marchant’s second Solo Exhibition at Artsite Gallery.