The Energy Of Water
06 - 28 February 2016


Three artists come together capturing the relentless power and the strength in stillness of water: Erika Beck | Rhett Brewer | Cathryn McEwen

Erika Beck captures water’s erosive energy through abstract interpretation of personal observation recorded in paint on journeys from Sydney´s foreshores to the Northern Territory´s Finke River and across to the water-worn shores of Kangaroo island.

For Rhett Brewer, the moment when a wave has reached its full height and is about to topple and spend its wind driven energy on the rocks or sand, is the moment when its at its most beautiful and its form catches my eye. I use a waterproof camera and stand in the surf to get photographs that might give me a start for a painting. These images are from the coast South of Sydney; from Bondi to Bendalong.
No wave is exactly the same, every surfer knows that. I see these waves as perfect metaphors for nature itself. Time and change are constant. I used to surf waves; now I paint them...

Realistic depictions of water dissolve into depths of painterly abstraction as Cathryn McEwen explores the power of contemplative stillness found in the mesmerising depths of rock pools shimmering in the Sydney and Central Coast sun.
Ripples disturb this contemplation, gently rolling thought out to sea as McEwen paints with rapidly vibrant strokes, capturing this potential, this thought....