Collector´s Choice
26 November - 18 December 2016


Confronting an original art work in the real world, in all its raw glory and texture, is a far better experience in the flesh.

Visiting a gallery is not to be experienced secondhand in a virtual online environment. It is an unashamedly first-hand experience seeing original artworks in all their tactile, and sometimes discomforting, rawness.

Art, without the re-imaginings of online stylists and hip pocket hype, should be enjoyed in the flesh - it is not a "pin" to add to an over burgeoning "google clogging" image folder and rarely re-visited.

Liking, buying and collecting art is not about following trends or the competitive gamification of online sites geared to appeal to the hunter gather instinct.

It is about "seeing boldly what no one has seen before" (with apologies to Gene Roddenberry and the Star Trek team).

It is about visiting exhibitions in local gallerys and looking at art in the raw – a visceral experience that is missing with online art today.

It is about developing an eye for what is good, bad, ugly and just downright fantastic – even if it is only in your own opinion and not already a "pin" on someone elses "wall".

It is about building self confidence, getting good advice and using your own eyes.

Collector's Choice 2016 offers art works by local emerging and established artists to help you to start, develop or gift the start of a collection from $300....
Surprised? No, you shouldn't be – there are affordable/emerging and investment/established artists (at a range of affordable prices and payment options) exhibiting in this year’s Collector’s Choice that make liking, buying and living with “real art” simple and achievable.

Satisfying art is not sold by price, value in art is simply a combination of the artists’ recognition gained through achievement, and primarily, whether you like the work. Plus, after you walk out the door, if you keep thinking about the work - then it should be yours – so buy it, there are not always second chance opportunities.

Established artists are those who have been acquired by public collections – serious credibility and deserving of respect - making the purchase of work by established Australian artists very affordable compared with international artists of equivalent profile. Emerging artists are those our experienced curators have identified with a strong consistency and future potential that has nothing to do with age, who are yet to be discovered by, and acquired into, public Institutions.

The emerging and early to mid-career artists exhibiting in Collector's Choice 2016 are art professionals who guard their integrity and reputation by pricing their own work based on increasing achievement and developing buyer confidence through a mutually beneficial gallery relationship.
Catalogue prices are artist prices, and all sales transactions are between the artist and the purchaser. You are purchasing genuine original artworks directly from the artist in the comfort of a well-managed and great exhibition viewing environment.

Most importantly, What you see, is what you take home.

Collector’s Choice 2016 is your opportunity to see art in the real from gallery and invited artists:
Vittoria Dussoni | Victoria Peel | Sheila White | Sandi Rigby | Ross Skinner | Rhett Brewer | Peter Baron | Peter Anderson | Paul McKnight | Mo Orkiszewski | Michael Ambriano | Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano | Kerwayne Berry | Kerry Johns | Kathryn Sieber | Katherine Rooney | Kate Jones | Julie Ashcroft | Hamish Campbell | Greg Hyde | Graham Marchant | Graham Austin | Erika Beck | Edith Cowlishaw | Dorothy Erickson | Daniel Skeffington | Ah Too Chew

Be bold this Christmas, select artwork you have actually seen for yourself before purchase! Ultimately, you will have a greater sense of satisfaction taking your purchase home to enjoy, for now and into the future, in the knowledge that you are directly supporting local emerging and Australian artist’s and in turn the multiple local small business services that artists in turn support in exposing themselves to your view.