Daniel Skeffington: Sweet
01 - 23 April 2017


The objects we surround ourselves with are always intriguing, eloquent even when they are silent and still...
Objects are always saturated with cultural signification... Our relationship with them is complex. We traffic in signs and symbols as much as in matter.
It is in order to understand objects that we classify them... our position in the world is always mediated and filtered by our relationship with objects. Through them we understand ourselves better; they give us the elements for a cartography of our own mutable identity.
However, this relationship is never neutral. It instigates passions, desires and obsessions.

Betti Marenko, MEI Journal #31, April 2010. pg. 240-241.

With a nod to Andy Warhol´s "Cookie Jar" collection, Winnie-the-Poo’s "Honey Pot" and the 1970’s must have Bendigo Pottery’s Bread Crock, Skeffington’s Cookie Jar Series, utilises the bright colours of the well know layered sugar candies, Liquorice Allsorts. A sweet with a wide variety of appearances, accounting for the allsorts name. Each of Skeffington’s hand thrown repetitive forms, uniquely adorned with cast and layered Allsorts motifs, has its own unique character.
As with Skeffington’s earlier Vase Form Series, Sweet offers another take on a ubiquitous vessel form of long ceramic history, dressed in the memorable colours of an 111+ year old sweet.

Daniel Skeffington: Sweet. Solo Exhibition Artsite Gallery_2, 01-23 April  2017. Opening event Sunday 5th April 3-5pm. All Welcome.

*Janet DeBoos is one of Australia’s most respected ceramic practitioners, academics and champions of Australian ceramic art.
Among many accolades, Janet’s work is held in public collections in Australia and worldwide.