The GPS has no Idea where I am Going!
01 - 23 April 2017


This magical little device provides... the answer to the GPS receiver's aching question, "Where am I?"

Amy Hunter "How to Use GPS" 28 April 2009.
( 9 March 2017 

The GPS has no idea where I am going! is a curated exhibition culled from Artsite Gallery's Call to Artists of Sydney and the Inner West over recent months.

Exhibiting Artists include: David Asher Brook | Kerwayne Berry | Nicole Eggers | Mo Orkiszewski | Lynne Sung | Judy Trick | Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano.

The GPS is held responsible for everything that is out of place in the twenty first century; the weather, the lost USB and the keys that aren’t where they were left. It’s the ultimate go-to guru when all else fails.

It listens with stillness and attention to cathartic rants on life, the universe, and other travellers; to singing that should be left in the shower, rudeness, accolades and all the why, what, when, and where on earth queries that occupy daily life.

It rarely answers the question, is too polite to contradict, and, when completely bamboozled, may profoundly and very politely request that you complete a U-turn, when it is safe to do so.

Of course, this doesn't really help much unless you know where you are going, otherwise any road will take you there - to misquote an age-old adage.

The GPS is the techno answer to contemporary life’s questions: What am I doing here? Where am I going? Where did I lose my way? Do I really want to go there? Am I on the right road? Did you really take me for a ride?

You can ask it anything if it's voice activated, and the best you may get is "I’m sorry, I did not understand the Question?" The worst is a convoluted, mangled interpretation that is profoundly significant, if we could just decipher it.

The GPS is the modern equivalent to the magic 8-balls found hidden at the back of dusty shelving - a limited number of absolutely profound answers to all of life’s questions.

Two things I have learnt, "The GPS does not do weather", and "There is a very long way from here."

Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano, Curator, Gallery Director, Artist. February 2017.