In Winter ~ Enjoy!
Weekends in June 2017


June is a time for small businesses to take advantage of the 100% accelerated depreciation tax incentives by purchasing artwork from Artsite Gallery and supporting local artists.

In January 2016, the Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer, in reply to a question from the Member for Macquarie made on behalf of one of our gallery artists wrote,

The Government's changes to accelerated depreciation, announced in the 2015 Budget, allow small businesses to immediately deduct the cost of artwork that is purchased for values less than $20,000, provided it is prominently displayed in their Business.

Note, this incentive has now been extended in the recent 2017 Budget announcement.

Satisfying art is not sold by price, value in art is simply a combination of the artists’ recognition gained through achievement, and primarily, whether you like the work. Plus, after you walk out the door, if you keep thinking about the work - then it should be yours – so buy it, there are not always second chance opportunities.

The emerging and early to mid-career artists exhibiting at Artsite Gallery are art professionals with integrity and growing reputations. Represented Gallery Artists are supported in a mutually beneficial gallery relationship. Artists prices reflect the individual artists increasing recognition and professional achievement with finalist award exhibitions and numerous competition and award achievements.

Buyers can be confident purchasing genuine original work from gallery artists in the comfort of a well-managed, excellent exhibition viewing environment.

In Winter Enjoy Gallery Weekends in June with a curated and changing selection of favourites and new works from gallery and invited artists including Ah Too Chew | Daniel Skeffington | Dorothy Erickson (Jewellery) | Edith Cowlishaw | Erika Beck | Graham Austin | Graham Marchant | Hamish Campbell | Kate Jones | Katherine Rooney | Kerry Johns | Kerwayne Berry | Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano | Nikki Suebwongpat | Rhett Brewer | Ross Skinner | Vittoria Dussoni | Victoria Peel | Sandi Rigby | Peter Anderson | Paul McKnight | Mo Orkiszewski | Michael Ambriano | Cathryn McEwen.

We see with memory... And my memory is different from yours; even if we are both standing in the same place, we’re not quite seeing the same thing. Other elements are playing a part; whether you have been in a place before will affect you, and how well you know it.   David Hockney, the Guardian, June 17, 2016

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.   William Blake

All pictures are, in one way or another, time machines. That is, they condense the appearance of something – a person, a scene, a sequence – and preserve it. It takes a certain amount of time to make them. And it also takes time to look at them, varying from a second to a lifetime.   Martin Gayford, the Guardian, 27 September 2016