David Asher Brook | Gary Shinfield | Lynne Sung
02 - 24 September 2017


Artsite Galleries introduces the work of three Artists David Asher Brook, Gary Shinfield and Lynne Sung. Whilst each of these artists have been shown at Artsite in larger group shows, their identifable styles and individual approaches are showcased in this more intimate exhibition.


David Asher Brook: In my paintings I am aiming to find a synthesis of approaches. I use dots and lines with over-painting to hide the figures or image underneath. I do this to... give a consistency of weight to the work and to create an array of subtle movement in the image. Depending on the direction the dots are coming from, the heaviness, the spacing and idiosyncrasies of the hand, a wide range of gestures (are) made. This consistency of weight from one corner of the canvas to the other, gives attention to the details in all areas of the canvas to create an overall movement and energy....
I have experimented with this approach in various ways... I have been working on three tapestries where... equal attention is given to the whole image... I find painting a real and intense moment where you can notice and feel things that people don't see in the mad rush of this world. It is a challenge to carry the same mystery through to the end of the painting that existed at the beginning of it.
     David Asher Brook 2017


Gary Shinfield: ‘Fire I’ and ‘Fire II’ were made in 2016 during my residency at Compeung in Northern Thailand. These images are based on the idea of fire, a mental construct as practised in meditation. They have been painted using various water based media onto handmade paper acquired from the Supan Papermill in Lempang.
The third work in this exhibition, ‘Enclosure 1L’ is based on the ground plan of an imaginary building. The original plan has been cut into four pieces and reassembled to form this image. It was exhibited as a finalist in the Silk Cut Award.
     Gary Shinfield 2017


Lynne Sung: I started as a painter but became frustrated with the flat surface, quickly moving to mixed media works using ink, fabric and paper. I enjoy the sculptural aspects of mixed media and manipulating the materials. Currently, I am working in archival tissue exploiting its sculptural nature to make three dimensional works.
Australian artists John Davis, Fiona Hall and Janet Laurence have been influences... I am attracted to the materiality of works by artists like Antoni Tapies and Louise Bourgeois and the sensitivity of artists like Andy Goldsworthy.
     Lynne Sung 2017