displaced: Kerwayne Berry
28 October - 19 November 2017


I am surprised to realize what a disPlaced person I have become as a result of the purposeful choices I have made in my life. However, in that displacement there is fuel to feed my growth as an artist. I find in my search for "place" my attachment to nature has become crucial to my wellbeing and provides me with continual inspiration for exploration.

Immersion in nature has created my place of belonging/my place to revisit the essences of natures that are universal. This has allowed me to reconnect with the same primal elements that are intrinsic in any landscape/place that I have emotionally engaged with... the atmosphere, colour, texture, pattern... these are the elements that make me feel uplifted, enthusiastic and filled with joy. Expressing my experience of nature is my way of communicating with others, where I am, where I´ve been, what I feel.. and perhaps providing insight for others?

As my work evolves intuitively there is no knowing where it will go.. where it will take me... my process begins with an image taken from a place I have been which transforms through exploration of my response to that experience (of place).
I´m always seeking that which is beyond what I see... to take a leap of faith... there is no formula, no hard & fast rules to follow...

I can easily relate to a statement Georgia O’Keeffe has been quoted to have said, "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way - things I had no words for".

Kerwayne Berry 2017