All is (not) Black & White
04 - 26 August 2018


Black & White in Conversation...
Somewhere along the line we have been told, as artists, that no one "likes" black and white images, there are few drawing shows around, analogue photography may be having a resurgence followed by the ubiquitous "but"..., the medium closest to drawing, printmaking (lithography, etching, et al.), are under-appreciated and black & white or monochrome is only for serious collectors... etc... etc...
Have to say this view goes against the grain as far as I am concerned, nowhere is more colour activated in the mind of the observer than when the artist strips out all but the barest essentials to communicate.
Colour evokes emotional responses with strong psychological implications and associations. Monochrome works are more sensitive, creating illusions, imagined colours and nuances that are allowed to run riot in our own imagination.
More wisdom can be expressed with a simple pencil, pen, paint, or ink mark than in all the books one could possibly read in a life time.
It is not about the surface impression it is about the associations and depths that your experience brings to the work that resonates with the artists simple conversation with you as observer.
These works distract one from reality, creating illusions that are infinitely subtle and unique to our own perception.
Sometimes we can more easily "see" when there is only black and white.

Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano, 2018

This exhibition includes work by: Victoria Dussoni, John Edwards, Graham Marchant, Mo Orkiszewski, Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano, Edith Cowlishaw, Jude Rose, Daniel Pata, Jody Graham, Hamish Campbell, Sandi Rigby, Jack Fangmin Wu plus, because it perched itself on a wall plinth and started building a nest, Randall Sinnamon´s Little Secateur.