Mo Orkiszewski
I dream of a world where love is the answer
02 - 24 March 2019



I dream of a world where love is the answer | exploring the restorative powers of love and community

Mo Orkiszewski with local and international contributing artists.

This collaborative project gathers together a worldwide circle of women, and two good men, joining hearts and hands for mending our beautiful broken world. It began with the gift of an original 1950´s Australian wedding dress. I cut the bodice and skirt material into 45 pennants and made a call out for anyone interested in stitching their hopes and dreams on June 30th, 2017.
The pennants were all spoken for by the next day, for those who missed out I made a call for making small talismans of love and protection for our world.

Making art as an act of reverence, a magic spell cast into the world to heal the divisions, mend the desecration and bind the world with love and respect that speaks of connection, communicating a sense of how we belong to our planet, that each person has value, that each moment of reaching out has potential.
Collectively we are shining a beacon for understanding, making strong threads singing I dream of a world where love is the answer

With special thanks to my partner Rod Morgan for writing the song & helping at every step along the way, Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano director of Artsite Galleries for all the encouragement and excellent gallery space and to all of the artists who made this dream come true.


Contributing Artists
Aileen Taylor - Australia
Anita Larkin - Australia
Arlee Barr - Canada
Barry Smith - Australia
Beth Brennan - USA
Bronwyn Berman - Australia
Cathy Wright - Australia
Christina Cairns - Australia
Christina Haggart - UK
Dana Webb - USA
Deb Gorr - USA
Dee Mallon - USA
Diana Angus - USA
Doris Perlhuhn - Germany
Dotti Dauter - Australia
Eliene St.Romain - Australia/NZ
Elizabeth Bunsen - USA
Els Sneider - The Netherlands
Fiona Dempster - Australia
Gabrielle Bates - Australia
Grace Forrest-Maestas - USA
Glenda Chamberlain - USA
Hazel Monte - USA

India Flint - Australia
Irene Manion - Australia
Jana Cironis - Australia
Jane Bodnaruk - Australia
Jane Milliken - Australia
Jane Stapleford - Australia
Jo New (RIP) - UK
Jude Hill - USA
Judy Lemezis - USA
Judy Martin - Canada
Julie Sellens - Australia
Kathy Dorfer - USA
Kristin McNamara Freeman - USA
Lana Sebastian - Australia
Linda Summers - USA
Liz Ackert - USA
Liz D’Achille - Australia
Lizette Campbell - Australia
Louise Watson - UK
Maggie Brown - Australia
Margaret Johnson - Australia
Margarita Sampson - Australia
Marti Weisbrich - USA

Martine Bos - The Netherlands
Michelle Slater - USA
Nancy Erisman - USA
Nanette Gilbert - Australia
Olga Cironis - Australia
Patricia Spangler - USA
Penny Vickery - Australia
René Walkin - UK
Rod Morgan - Australia
Roz Hawker - Australia
Sarah Riggins - Australia
Saskia van Herwaarden - The Netherlands
Sharmon Davidson - USA
Sharon Peoples - Australia
Shona Wilson - Australia
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord - USA
Susan Hemann - USA
Susi Bancroft - UK
Tina Zaffiro - USA
Ulrike Bogdan - Germany
Wendy Watson - New Zealand
Yvette Dopheide - The Netherlands

Artsite Gallery Exhibition | Gallery_2 | Mo Orkiszewski | I dream of a world where love is the answer | Installation | 02-24 March 2019