Nikki Suebwongpat
Life ~ Never Still!
04 - 26 May 2019


Life - Never Still!

Reflections at the dining table ~ No ordinary household scene...
In my works, everyday objects stand as silent observers of family domestics.. The view most frequently around the dining room table.. Place of routine, connection, fighting, work and play. And often from the angle of the table itself.

What the dining table saw... light trespassing, spilling into a scene. Silent observers of the daily drama and the mystery in the mundane.
What secrets do they hold? What views are stored and redefined in their blurred reflections? What horrors would they speak of?

We put on our best show, but behind the scenes the still life tells a story. When we feel the pressure to find success (so paramount in this fickle world). We feel the need to achieve more, lead more beautiful lives, compare with our peers, to stand for something. Can we even allow ourselves to just life in simplicity. To come back to the table... look into the glass.

The mood, the melancholy the light enters and reveals... the power of light to completely transform a scene; intensify.

I aim to add a heightened sense of emotion, to cause one to notice the commonplace, even boring...
It´s all about perception, context. Nothing in a scene is in isolation. I´m fascinated in how light is transformed around the edge of an object or surface. How a different angle or viewpoint can transform the colour and lighting of a whole composition. Where subject meets environment.

Dreams, potential, wisdom and talent sunk into domesticity. Why do we seek greatness, have we lost the art of the ordinary? Life in its simplicity, caught up in the process. The every day, the ordinary. Does this define us?

Partners fighting over chores, because they see no value in it. We have become too important to sink ourselves into the mundane - our basic needs.

The struggle to balance health, family, career, finances, passions, talents, intellect, spirituality, image. The dining table sees the cost of our striving. On our family domestics. The wear and tear of our home. The struggle of making our lives memorable, not trusting that by simply existing and being connected, we are already etched in memories.

Self portraits (Fragments): The Landscape of a mind, stretched in every direction; distracted and discontent attempting to juggle it all, and piece life together - not sure if finding balance (or not!). Confusion and discord, Scrambling to settle, spread thin seeking for place and purpose. Am I enough? What is my role? What should I land on today?
Am I ok?

Nikki Suebwongpat, 2019

Private Collections: Australia.

Artsite Gallery Exhibition | Gallery.1 | Nikki Suebwongpat | Life - Never Still! | Solo Exhibition | 04 - 26 May 2019